Clinical Practice of Hypnosis - Module One

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for Professionals

This Hypnotherapy Course has been written and designed so that you can learn the skills that you will require in order to help people achieve meaningful, therapeutic change using hypnosis.

You want to be good at your work, so we're primarily interested in helping you to be a good hypnotherapist - someone who knows how to develop and maintain trance in your clients, and how to use your own intelligence so that you know what to do once you get them there. This is the essence of hypnotherapy.

We believe that having a sound knowledge of the foundational skills is of utmost importance, so this is where we begin.

Module One will teach you:

  • How to lead someone into a trance
  • How to test the presence of the hypnotic trance
  • How to show someone that they can be and are being hypnotised
  • How to conduct a simple session

Hypnotherapy is as much about the therapist as it is about the modality, so we begin to think about how we might develop our personal therapeutic philosophy, and give some attention to the history of Modern Hypnosis and the people who have contributed to its development along the way. You will also learn something of the more ancient origins of the use of trance in health promotion.

We are about healing, and helping, and honouring the individual - that means both you and your client. We aim to teach you how to get the best from yourself, and how to get the best from the people you are helping. Some of that is simple, some of it is a little more complex. All of it is challenging, and it requires you to examine yourself and understand who you are and what you're bringing to the table.

Available below is a full list of the subjects we will cover, and you can preview some of the material. The material includes written notes, downloadable scripts, audio lectures and recordings, and video demonstrations.

Subjects & Studies


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  • People beginning their study to become a hypnotherapist, who have done no prior study in hypnosis.
  • People who have studied hypnosis in the past but haven’t practised, and who now wish to refresh their foundational skills.
  • People who already work in a therapeutic setting (including manual therapists) who wish to learn about how they can enhance their current work with skills in hypnotherapy.
  • The seriously curious who want more than just the basics.
  • Individuals who want thorough training in the fundamentals of hypnosis theory and practice so that they may assist their friends and family in times of struggle or illness.
  • Hypnobirthing practitioners, NLP practitioners, or other practitioners of hypnosis-based modalities who were not taught the fundamentals about trance, trance induction, testing and trance utilisation.

We run workshops and face-to-face training in support of this course. Please head to our website for upcoming workshop dates, or we can be contacted at [email protected] if you'd like more information.


This Module is one of Five in our Full Course. Full details can be found on our website Enrolment is by application.

Module One is a stand-alone Module, that will give you the skills to effectively hypnotise someone, and give you a sound understanding of the basics of hypnotherapeutic practise. All students wishing to study the full course will be required to complete Module One and all assessments.

Assessment items involve written responses, along with recorded audio and video presentations to demonstrate your comprehension and to provide evidence of practical application of the techniques studied. Assessment items are evaluated and assessed according to David Kennedy's guidelines by Rachel and Dianne Kennedy, and Katina Gleeson, BSocWk, DipCHyp, Master Practitioner NLP.

All assessment submitted will be given careful attention, and comprehensive personal feedback will be provided. We want you to be good at what you do.

Careful completion of this Module represents around 130 hours of study and assessment work. On successful completion of all assessment items a Certificate of Completion in Foundational Studies of Clinical Hypnosis will be awarded, along with a transcript of subjects covered.

We contribute to our profession remaining vibrant and independent by training people of good character, who are curious and kind. If this is you, we'd love to have you study with us. Enrolment is by application.

Click here to learn more about our fee structure, and to contact us for more information about applying.

And of course you probably have questions! Contact Rachel [email protected] or call 07 3354 4555 if you'd like to find out more.

At successful completion of all five Modules, we offer our graduates an Award in Advanced Studies of Clinical Hypnotherapy from our organisation, along with a transcript of the subjects studied. Our training is recommended by and meets the education standards for Membership of the Australian Hypnotherapist's Association, and the Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists' Association of Australia.

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Your teachers

David Kennedy & Rachel Kennedy
David Kennedy & Rachel Kennedy

David Kennedy ran hypnotherapy practices in Queensland and New South Wales for over 30 years. After undergoing training in "traditional" hypnosis he became aware that he had been using hypnotic techniques with the people who had been coming to him for help in his role as community counsellor, and he embarked on a journey of dedicated self-study in order to become the best helper he could be for his clients.

David's original hypnosis training was revolutionised when he came in contact with the teaching of the American Psychiatrist, Dr Milton Erickson. Through extensive reading of the collected works of the best practitioners and pioneers in the field of hypnosis, his client base grew along with his knowledge. Until his retirement David had a seemingly tireless dedication to clinical practice, sometimes seeing 7 or 8 clients a day. This intensive experience helped him establish an enduring belief in the power we each have available to us, and hypnotherapy's ability to help heal and resolve even the most complex issues and habits of mind.

At the heart of David's teaching of clinical hypnosis is the concept of Love - for others, and for self. To approach each person with love is the basis upon which all work must rest.

David's contributions to the profession were acknowledged with the award of Life Membership of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association in 2007.

Today, the custodian of David's work is his daughter Rachel Kennedy. Rachel runs a hypnotherapy practice in Brisbane with her husband, hypnotherapist Glenn Chandler of Brisbane Hypnosis Centre.

Rachel has begun the task of re-imagining David's Clinical Hypnosis Training Course for the modern age. Although not practicing as an hypnotherapist herself, she has studied hypnotherapy her entire adult life, and has worked in one hypnosis practice or another for over 25 years.

An Associate member of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association, Rachel is also the coordinator of Of Like Mind, a collaborative community for Wellness Practitioners she formed with hypnotherapist, author and mental health social worker Katina Gleeson.

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