Introduction to studying hypnosis

Welcome to our world, and to this course of study in hypnosis.

This course was created by David Kennedy, along with the support and contributions of his wife Dianne, over thousands of hours. It was based on David’s work as a practitioner, and refined as he became a teacher of Clinical Hypnosis. Over his career, David worked with many thousands of individuals, and with hundreds of groups. He worked hard, he worked long hours. He was willing always to remain curious and keep learning. He really cared about people, and was fascinated by our ability to grow and heal and evolve through the power of trance work.

David died in November, 2018. In the weeks leading up to his death, and the weeks following, we received calls and contact from past students and past clients, many of whom we hadn’t heard from for over 20 years. Some of them knew of his death when they contacted us, some didn’t. But the energy of the work was still vibrant, years after the work had been done. People got in touch to ‘check in’ and report on their continuing success or healing, some to get copies of hypnosis recordings David had produced (and which they’d worn out from use), some called simply to say hello.

I report this here not to promote David as an individual, but rather to demonstrate the significant impact that one person can make in the lives of many others by doing this work of hypnotherapy. Whether you approach this study with simple curiosity, are seeking a career, or feel that you have a calling - if you apply yourself and work with integrity and an open heart you will make a difference in people’s lives.  

Our course is for people who wish to learn how to hypnotise, and how to do it well. We believe that the state of hypnosis, all by itself and without suggestion, is a healing state. So this is the foundation of our training: how to help someone achieve the very best trance they can.

Hypnotherapy is about communication. Good communication. Profound communication. Creative communication. Perhaps even sacred communication. It is about one person helping another person by guiding them within to that part of them that is their best selves.

Within the study of hypnotherapy there are techniques to learn, there is language to master, and there are lessons in trust and human connection to embrace. We aim for you to develop your own philosophy and style. As you learn, we want you to think about what you will bring to the therapeutic relationship. We want you to challenge your assumptions, consider your own limiting beliefs, and your own unconscious prejudices and judgments about yourself and about others.

Bring your whole self to this study and practise, and you - and your clients - will be well-rewarded.

Thank you for joining us.

Rachel Kennedy

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