Healing the past

The approach that follows, which we will refer to as "Retrospective self-nurturing", has been progressively developed by practicing hypnotherapists and other helping professionals over the years. For example, this technique is described in Brandon Bays' popular self-help book The Journey, and although Bays (and likely others) has trademarked her version of this approach most therapeutic traditions and many ethnic healing traditions have a version of regression conducted in a similar way.

As a structured approach in hypnotherapy it likely has its origins in strategies Erickson used with his patients who presented with issues stemming from childhood, or at least an earlier stage in personal development. It is particularly suitable for individuals who have difficulty giving or receiving emotional support.

The process in the next section allows the subject to revisit their younger self at a time when emotional support was needed but not forthcoming. In effect, it rewrites the subject's history in a very positive and self-directing manner.

It is a three stage process but should the necessary visualisation prove difficult, then either part or whole of the therapy may be repeated or the individual stages pursued separately in subsequent sessions.

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