Use your mind & use hypnosis for change

Procrastination is not laziness, and if you procrastinate and wish you didn't then you are in the company of such fine minds as Margaret Atwood, the Dalai Llama, and countless other luminaries of our age.

If you struggle with following-through on things you likely need to reorganise your thoughts and feelings as they relate to your strengths, your abilities, and your ideas about what motivates you.

When we begin to see things a little more clearly, change becomes more easily available to us. Hypnosis helps us to change habits of thought and behaviour, and to reinforce at an unconscious level of mind those changes we consciously want for ourselves.

Taking a whole mind approach - conscious and unconscious - means that you'll be bringing new choices to your life, and finding it so much easier to move forwards.

A comprehensive resource

Functional learning means reinforcement and repetition.

The Forwards Guide includes:

  • 65 page eBook
  • 1 x 20 minute hypnosis audio
  • 1 x 10 minute hypnosis audio
  • 3 weeks of daily emails of the guide's content to keep your learning on-track

Created by Hypnotherapist

Glenn Chandler

Glenn has been practicing hypnosis since 1997, and has been the owner and Principal Therapist of Brisbane Hypnosis Centre since 2001.

He created the Forwards program to help people who struggle with procastination, distilling the experience and wisdom gained from thousands of sessions into a written guide and hypnosis audios.

Your guide to overcoming Procrastination