The following video was recorded in April 2017. The recording is by no means perfect, and was created not for distribution but rather as a record of the day. And then we watched it back, and realised the value it might have for people who intend to be dedicated practitioners.

We offer it here as some advanced teaching for you to consider, as you finish your study with us.

David understood that this would be his last formal teaching on hypnosis. He entitled this presentation "Hypnosis, Spirit & Healing", and with only a couple of exceptions the people he invited to this day were practicing therapists of experience.

This is a deeply personal exploration of hypnotherapy, and is not meant as a general teaching guide. It is an opportunity to better understand how one hypnotherapist developed their practice over a lifetime, and the understandings gained from that life's work.

A precis of what this video series covers:

  • Early influences: The tradition of touch for healing. Leaving the church required a complete personal life re-evaluation.
  • Coming to hypnosis. Early training. Discovering Erickson. No fixed technique.
  • The next step: incorporating the magic. The public are aware of magic. Are we?
  • Hands on healing. Does it have validity? 
  • Demonstration of catalepsy.
  • Instances of healing, old and new. 
  • Hypnosis beyond suggestion. Therapy is not all talk.
  • Interactive trance.
  • Who is responsible for what? 
  • Hypnotic phenomena - Are you up for it? What expectation do you have of yourself?
  • Personal hypnotic control and going beyond the stereotype


Spirit: Mediating between body and soul; the principle of conscious life.

Magic: The effect produced; an extraordinary power or influence.